Platforms for reflection and coordination

In order to exploit International Geneva’s potential for synergies, Switzerland has created a set of practical tools that includes platforms for coordination, reflection and cooperation with influential foreign think tanks. 

These platforms bring together the actors, ideas and know-how concentrated in International Geneva. They help create important stakeholder networks, develop, test and spread strategic ideas, and provide access to critical knowledge in their fields. Geneva’s links with those working “on the ground” means these platforms are regularly confronted with local realities and can incorporate first-hand experience gained in the field into their deliberations. 

They work to strengthen the international organisations’ effectiveness and provide the international community with ideas and potential solutions to the global challenges, which – in today’s hyperconnected world – have become transversal.

A platform: 

  • creates links between actors from the public and private sectors, civil society and the universities 

  • educates and trains the officers of the permanent missions or providing them with support in preparing large international conferences  

  • reports on the outcome of negotiations or events  

  • organises and facilitates meetings, debates, conferences, workshops and other events in innovative formats, for small or large groups, behind closed doors or in public 

  • produces and distributes publications and information bulletins (newsletters)