Finding non-commercial partners in Switzerland

An important objective of the Contribution is to strengthen Swiss relations with the concerned EU member states and to increase cooperation on common challenges. Potential beneficiaries of the Contribution are municipalities, regional and central governments, environmental bodies, education/research institutions, health institutions, NGOs and more. The links below help them to find a non-commercial Swiss partner institution.

Out of this list, Switzerland and each partner state selected country-specific focus areas. Project proposals must comply with these priorities in order to be considered for financing. For more information on the country-specific focus areas, see Annex I of the Framework Agreements or consult the webpage of the National Coordination Units (NCU) in the partner countries where project proposals have to be submitted. Project proposals can be submitted for the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania.

If you need assistance beyond these pages to find a partner in Switzerland, please contact the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Additionally to the above list, the Market Place helps as well to find a non-commercial partner in Switzerland. The Market Place allows institutions both from the EU member states and from Switzerland to place a search and as well as to check the respective lists.