Lithuania: Newsletter No 12

Kaunas district court equipped with stationary video transmission, recording and storage equipment.
Switzerland supported the installation of video systems in Lithuanian courts. © Vaida Petraviciene

Lithuania, May 2017 – The newsletter provides information on results of projects in Lithuania. The current edition features three project descriptions. 

Modern Technology in the Courts

In an effort to make case proceedings a quicker and more convenient process, as well as to ensure the protection of the participants’ rights, over 2 million CHF were invested in Lithuania in creating a video conferencing system that allows organisation of remote court proceedings and recording and storage of these recordings.

Maltese Youth Learn and Increase Awareness of Their Organisation

Using the funds available under the NGO Block Grant, the Maltese Youth organisation created a model of the development and management of activities as a result of which the NGO provided training to about 400 young volunteers, increased the quality of services it provides and allowed the network to gain greater financial autonomy.

HIV and AIDS in Lithuania: Efforts to Dispel Myths

The Association Positive Life has decided to solve the problems involving lack of information about and intolerance towards people suffering from HIV. Swiss Funds available under the NGO Block Grant helped to create and develop a dialogue between NGOs and state institutions, and - most importantly - in turning the attention of municipalities on continued cooperation on preventive programmes.

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Poland: Polish President Awards Center for Entrepreneurship Development

Two women hold a plate filled with baked goods.
In the economically disadvantaged Świętokrzyskie region, Switzerland supports tourism, the promotion of local products and entrepreneurship development. © SDC/SECO

Switzerland is supporting a project to promote social and economic development in the disadvantaged region of Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross Province). In this way development cooperation is creating sources of income outside agriculture for rural communities.  

Poland, Warsaw, December 2016: On 9th December, Polish President Andrzej Duda awarded the Center for Entrepreneurship Development in Sandomierz with the "For the Common Good" prize. The President's awards were given to individuals and institutions pursuing projects based on civic engagement and providing assistance to others who contribute to building civic society.
For the last 5 years, the Center for Entrepreneurship Development in Sandomierz has been implementing the Regional Development Programme The Swiętorkzyskie Mountains – Our Future supported by Switzerland under the Swiss Contribution. The programme supports local socio-economic development in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains region by creating new jobs outside the farming sector and securing alternative sources of income for rural people. As a result, the tourism offer has been improved in order to generate income and economic perspectives for future generations.

Project description (en)


Positive results: Swiss-Czech partnership fund draws to a close

Three young boys working on a poster.
Within the framework of the partnership fund, the Geneva-based International Institute for the Rights of the Child and the Czech organisation Česko-britská are actively engaged in protecting children’s rights. © SDC

Czech Republic, November 2016 – The work of the Swiss-Czech partnership fund has drawn to a close. The fund, which was set up in 2009, supported specific projects for seven years aimed at promoting cooperation and partnership between Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Within the framework of the final conference of 30 November 2016, various representatives of the two countries took stock: The partnership fund paid for nearly one hundred projects in a number of areas including environmental protection, health promotion and culture, with contributions of between CHF 10,000 and CHF 250,000. In his opening words, Ulrich Stürzinger from the SDC highlighted the significant added value gained from the mutual transfer of knowledge. He also noted that Swiss-Czech cooperation was given a long-term boost by the positive experiences gained. The brochure on the closing event documents the major successes of the partnership fund, providing a general overview of the fund and presenting selected projects in a clear and detailed manner.

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