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Enlargement Contribution in Cyprus – All Projects ready for Implementation

Protecting marine ecosystems

28.07.2010 — Article EB

In Cyprus, three different projects have gotten underway that are being supported by a contribution of almost CHF 6 million. With this, Switzerland’s enlargement contribution earmarked for Cyprus has already been completely distributed. The projects pursue the objective of reducing the economic and social disparities between Cyprus and the more advanced countries of the EU.

Contribution à l’élargissement: le Conseil fédéral a approuvé les accords-cadres bilatéraux avec la Bulgarie et la Roumanie

23.06.2010 — Article EB

Lors de sa séance du 23 juin 2010, le Conseil fédéral a approuvé les accords-cadres bilatéraux avec la Bulgarie et la Roumanie et décidé de procéder à leur signature. Ces accords régissent le contenu et la mise en œuvre de la contribution suisse à l’élargissement en faveur de ces deux pays. Les premiers projets pourront sans doute être sélectionnés et réalisés dès fin 2010.

Switzerland supports Hungary’s fight against the serious threat of floods

Workers secure the banks of the River Tisza against flooding.

08.06.2010 — Press release EB

Hungary is getting prepared to face a major risk of flooding in the north of the country. The Danube and the Tisza are threatening to overflow their banks towards the middle of next week. To cope with this threat, the Hungarian government has requested the aid of its European partners. Switzerland will deliver 500,000 bags of sand and dispatch to the site three experts from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit.

Hungary: Risk capital fund to support SMEs

31.03.2010 — Local news EB

On 30.3.2010 President of the Confederation Doris Leuthard approved the first Swiss project to support the Hungarian private sector. The aim of the project is to ensure the long-term financing of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This will help to create a large number of jobs.

Enlargement Contribution for Bulgaria and Romania accepted by Parliament

07.12.2009 — Article EB

As the second Chamber of the Swiss Parliament to do so, the Council of States followed the National Council on 7 December 2009 in approving the Federal Decree on the enlargement contribution for Bulgaria and Romania This parliamentary decision enables Switzerland to finance projects and programmes designed to reduce the economic and social disparities in Bulgaria and Romania.

Slovenia: First renewable energy project approved

27.10.2009 — Local news EB

Within the framework of its contribution to EU enlargement, Switzerland has set aside CHF 3.7 million for a Slovenian project to encourage the use of renewable energy sources in various municipalities of the Primorska coastal region. The pilot project will enable the use of solar power and biomass and raise public awareness of the use of renewable energy sources.

Transparent framework conditions for Poland’s private sector

27.08.2009 — Local news EB

Implementation of accounting and auditing standards

Particularly in times of economic downturn, the existence of transparent framework conditions is crucial to the growth of private enterprise. SECO has thus approved a CHF 10 million project supporting the implementation of the accounting and auditing standards for businesses in Poland.

Modernisation of the Latvian Judicial System

26.06.2009 — Article EB

As part of its contribution to EU enlargement, Switzerland has pledged CHF 8 million to co-fund a project aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of Latvia’s judicial system. The joint project agreement was signed by the two countries on 25 June 2009.

Kick-off of the Scholarship Fund Programme in the Partner Countries

A researcher at work in a laboratory.

15.06.2009 — Article EB

With the launch of a pilot phase in Poland and the Czech Republic, the implementation of the scholarship programme within the scope of the Swiss enlargement contribution has gotten underway. The beneficiaries of this CHF 30 million-endowed programme are young and promising research scientists from the Central and Eastern European EU-Member States.

Switzerland supports the Fight against Crime in Estonia

A man analyses data on a screen.

15.06.2009 — Article EB

On 28 May 2009, within the scope of the Swiss Enlargement contribution, a project agreement was signed in Tallinn, Estonia, for the provision of support both to the Estonian Forensic Science Institute and to other criminal prosecution authorities in Estonia. The Swiss contribution of CHF 3.5 million is intended to finance the procurement of modern technical equipment, an enhanced data exchange system, and the organization of training courses.

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