4th Open Call under the Block Grant „Swiss Researchers Activities in Latvia” Open

Press release, 23.01.2014

Swiss researchers activities in Latvia

The fourth open call under the block grant „Swiss researchers activities in Latvia" that was announced in 2013 will stay open for submission of applications until latest September 2015.

The overall objective of the Block Grant is to develop and improve the potential of higher education institutions and scientific institutions of Latvia as well as promote long-term cooperation among higher education institutions and scientific institutions of Latvia and Switzerland.
Eligible applicants are Latvia higher education and research institutions.
The executing agency of the program is the Latvia State Education Development Agency.

With this programme, Switzerland helps to strengthen the education and science sectors of Latvia as well as the competitiveness of Latvia academic community. This can be reached with lecturing activities as well as joint Swiss – Latvian educational projects in all thematic fields, which Latvia considers appropriate.

Accredited universities of Latvia and scientific institutions registered in the Register of Scientific Institutions may apply to the funding (scholarship) in order to:
invite a researcher from Switzerland for the provision of separate lectures or a lecture course;
implement experience exchange in the field of higher education or scientific activity.