Czech Republic – A partner country for Switzerland’s contribution to EU enlargement

The Swiss contribution to the Czech Republic amounts to CHF 110 million. Between now and 2017, 38 projects designed to reduce economic and social disparities in the Czech Republic will be implemented. Roughly 40% of the funding will be allocated to structurally weak regions in eastern Czech. A Swiss contribution office has been established in Prague for the purpose of working closely on project implementation with the national coordination unit within the Czech Ministry of Finance.

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Projects in the Czech Republic

Switzerland supports 38 projects in the Czech Republic with its EU enlargement contribution

Project news

News, highlights and information on the projects in the Czech Republic

Results in the Czech Republic

Switzerland uses its enlargement contribution to improve public transport, help juvenile offenders reintegrate and foster the exchange of information between Czech and Swiss institutions

Bilateral Framework Agreement with the Czech Republic

Switzerland has concluded a bilateral framework agreement with the Czech Republic. Switzerland decides in consultation with the Czech Republic and independently of the EU which projects it will support

Focus Area

In addition to the thematic focus, part of the enlargement contribution is also to be geographically concentrated. The regions of «Moravian-Silesian», «Olomouc» and later also «Zlín» are vested with priority. At least 40% of the enlargement contribution to the Czech Republic is to go to the benefit of these regions either directly or indirectly.

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Swiss Enlargement Contribution Annual Report 2015

The annual report contains an overview of concrete results and the status of project implementation. Over 500 doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers from the new EU member states received scholarships in 2015 to do research in Switzerland. Bulgaria introduced legislation that provides for outpatient care based on the Swiss Spitex model, and Slovenia halved the heating and electricity bills of schools through energy efficiency renovations and renewable energies.

Evaluation Report on the Swiss Contribution 2015: Key points in brief

An independent evaluation has confirmed the federal authorities have achieved good results in implementing Switzerland’s enlargement contribution to the new EU member states. This report summarises the key findings of the evaluation and outlines the progress and achievements of the Swiss contribution.

The Swiss Enlargement Contribution

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs present an interim balance sheet on the first five years since the approval of the Enlargement Contribution to the new 10 EU-Member States. The projects are to be implemented within another five year period, i.e., by 2017.

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Upgrading public transport in the Czech Republic

A small group of people board a local bus at the new bus station – newly planted trees and green spaces are evidence of the regeneration work done in this area.

15.11.2016 – Article

The Czech city of Beroun is pleased with its new bus station. Local and regional buses now stop directly next to the train station, making the kilometre-long walk from one to the other a thing of the past.  In addition to the much shorter connection time, the project, which was organised in the context of Switzerland’s contribution to the enlarged EU, clearly improves the security of passengers and takes into account the needs of people with disabilities.

Swiss-Czech partnership for the rights of the child

19.04.2016 – Article

Unfortunately, not all children are lucky enough to grow up in a family that remains intact. In the Czech Republic too, some children and young people live in homes or other institutions. The aim for the future is to accommodate children in foster families. The Swiss-Czech partnership is building awareness in the Czech Republic of children's rights.

Preventing financial crime and attracting investors

A businesswoman with a calculator and folder

23.02.2016 – Article

Estonia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic have completed their projects in the area of financial reporting, improving their application of international standards in financial reporting and auditing. The improved quality, transparency and comparability of their financial reporting is creating a better environment for the private sector.

Sciex research programme comes to an end

A woman working in a laboratory at a microscope.

28.09.2015 – Article

The closing ceremony of the Sciex scholarship programme was held on 25 September 2015. Thanks to this programme, more than 500 doctoral and post-doctoral students could visit Switzerland for a limited period to conduct and expand their research. 

Swiss-Czech partnership for the rights of the child

Children in a kindergarten

20.07.2015 – Article

The rights of the child are still largely unknown in the Czech Republic. The International Institute for the Rights of the Child, which is based in Switzerland, and the Czech non-profit organisation Česko-britská are working together to promote children's rights in the Czech Republic. Their partnership has produced three publications.

Federal Council opens consultation on the continuation of the Federal Act on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe

17.12.2014 – Media release
The Federal Council has opened the consultation on the continuation of the Federal Act on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe (Eastern Europe Cooperation Act). The current act is still valid until the end of May 2017. A timely prolongation should enable the seamless continuation of cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The consultation will last until 31 March 2015.

Czech Republic: Selected improvements to the tram system in Ostrava

Tram stop in Ostrava

14.10.2014 – Article

On 26 September 2014, a project was inaugurated in Ostrava – the third-largest city in the Czech Republic – in which selected improvements were made to the city's tram network to enhance the service and level of comfort of public transport. The project was financed by the Swiss contribution to the enlarged European Union. This support made it possible to improve the management of the tram lines and passenger safety.

Czech Republic: New Tram Line for Olomouc

The construction of a new tram line in Olomouc in the Czech Republic makes the public transport system more reliable and thus increases the demand for it.

09.12.2013 – Article

On 29 November 2013, the city of Olomouc in the eastern part of the Czech Republic was scene to the festive inauguration of a new tram line financed by the Swiss Enlargement Contribution. Thanks to the new line, an urban district with 15,000 inhabitants was able to be connected to the city team network. In the future, it is estimated that one million public-transport passengers per year will be travelling along this new, 1.4 km-long tram-line stretch.


31.05.2013 – Media release
More than 200 projects are now being implemented as part of the enlargement contribution. At the annual conference of Swiss Cooperation with Eastern Europe on 31 May 2013 in Bern, government representatives and experts from Switzerland and abroad discussed the importance and the impact of these projects. About 750 people took part in the annual conference in the Hotel National, an exceptionally high turnout.

Official working visit by the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karel Schwarzenberg

31.05.2013 – Media release
Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter, Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), received the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Karel Schwarzenberg, on 31 May 2013 for an official working visit to Bern. Their discussions focused on Switzerland's European policy, the Czech Republic's European Neighbourhood Policy, the Swiss contribution to the enlargement of the European Union, and economic relations between the two countries.

Swiss Expertise solicited in Czech winter-sports resorts

cable car

25.03.2013 – Article

Within the scope of a small project that unfolded in the frame of the Czech-Swiss Partnership Fund, the national branch-association Swiss Cableways (SBS) and the Czech Association for Transportation by Rope Asociace Ianové dopravy (ALDR), exchanged their know-how in the domains of training and marketing. The project, endowed with a budget of CHF 40,000, took place from January to December 2012.

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