karstic landscape in Croatia

Independent support for Croatia

Croatia became the 28th member of the EU on 1 July 2013. Switzerland is also supporting this new EU member with the amount of CHF 45 million, thus making a contribution to the reduction of social and economic disparities in this country too, as decided by Parliament in December 2014.

Independent support for Croatia

  • Boleslaw Bobak, cheese producer
    Regional development

    Switzerland promotes the growth of new enterprises through the development of targeted marketing strategies for regional products.

  • Adrian Miler, entrepreneur
    Investment loans for SMEs

    The Swiss contribution enables SMEs in Romania to access secured loans. This enhances their competitiveness and creates jobs.

  • Ernőné Balázs, market gardener
    Support fund for NGOs

    Switzerland supports selected Hungarian non-governmental organisations in carrying out their own projects.

  • Božena Šimková (53), resident of Ostrava
    Basic infrastructure and public transport

    The Swiss contribution has improved the safety of public transport in Ostrava.

  • Gena Nikolova  (89), pensioner
    Home help and care

    A system of home care raises the quality of life for older people with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

  • Dalia Taujanskienė, mother
    Mother and child health

    Switzerland has contributed to the renovation of buildings in 22 hospitals in Lithuania, the purchase of new equipment, and the further training of health personnel.

  • Juliana Janová (10), pupil
    Community centres

    In Slovakia, Switzerland supports ten community centres where courses and help with homework are offered especially to the Roma people.

  • Klavs Brangulis, project manager
    Rehabilitation of contaminated sites

    Switzerland enables Latvia to safely dispose of hazardous waste products left over from the Soviet period.

  • Aleksander Miksjuk, tax officer
    Measures for securing borders

    Using an automatic license-plate recognition system helps prevent tax fraud and smuggling in the context of goods transport in Estonia's seaports.

  • Valentin Torkar, caretaker of Bled primary school
    Energy efficiency

    Switzerland is helping Slovenia with the renovation of buildings and the introduction of renewable energies for power and heating in more than 40 public buildings.