Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities Project launched in Chongqing

Press release, 27.04.2016

The cooperation under the Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities (SSLCC) Project developed between the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Dadukou District Government was inaugurated on Wednesday, April 27. The founding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on April 7 at the Swiss Embassy in Beijing, under the witness of Swiss President Johann Schneider-Amman on the occasion of his state visit to China.

Based on cooperation and innovation, the project with Dadukou District Government of Chongqing Municipality will focus on (Chongqing) Dadukou District Low Carbon City Development that includes the set up of a Sino-Swiss (Chongqing) Development and Cooperation Center, the Sino-Swiss (Chongqing) Innovative Technology Transfer Center, and a Sino-Swiss (Chongqing) Low Carbon Innovation Demonstration Park. 

The Ambassador of Switzerland to China Jean-Jacques de Dardel said at the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday that Chongqing is an economic powerhouse with strong industry in China, however its natural resources like soils, water, etc. have experienced burden of development and concerns to the fragile environment may reverse the course of development. Switzerland has undergone through this urban development path through continuous innovation from a number of years ago, and innovation is now good for everyone. Switzerland has chosen the most committed partners with greater sense of purpose and balance of development for this cooperation. He hopes that the Chongqing would become one of the Center of Excellences and examples among the Chinese cities; and Chongqing would return to its citizens with purity of water, cleanness of sky in blue in the long run. 

Ai Yang, the Deputy Secretary-General from Chongqing Municipal Government said that Chongqing has now become one of the most important interlinks between China and European countries in terms of trade and commerce due to the frequent operations of Yuxinou Railroads that runs west across Asia directly to Europe. Dadukou District, as an important part of the city center will be pragmatic, open and innovative. And Chongqing would like to deepen cooperation with Switzerland on all aspects through this cooperation. 

Mr. Markus Traber, Vice Minister of the Department of Economic Affairs, and representatives from the Canton of Zurich attended the Ceremony. The Party Secretary-General of Dadukou District, Ms. Lu Jianhui, District Mayor Mr. Lu Wei, Vice District Mayor Mr. Luo Linquan, and representatives from Chongqing municipal agencies also attended the inauguration ceremony. 

The delegations visited the Jianqiao Industrial Park that has an overall green ratio of 42% and a waste- to- energy power plant, one of the largest in Southwest China, of Sanfeng Environmental Industrial Group that is located within the Park.