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Switzerland supports population affected by the Syrian conflict

30.06.2020 — Press release EDA
Over the past decade, the war in Syria has resulted in one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. Continued fighting and violations of international humanitarian law are impeding the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian aid. At the fourth Brussels conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region co-chaired by the EU and UN on 30 June, Switzerland announced that in 2020 it would allocate CHF 61 million for measures to assist the Syrian people. The international community pledged a total of USD 7.7 billion. In addition, as host state of the UN peace process in Geneva, Switzerland continues to actively support efforts for a political solution to the conflict.

Mediated by Switzerland: Myanmar's parties sign code of conduct for peaceful elections

26.06.2020 — Press release EDA
On Friday, 26 June 2020, Myanmar's political parties signed a code of conduct for peaceful elections and a fair election campaign in view of the parliamentary elections scheduled for November. Switzerland acted as a mediator between the parties (as a so-called facilitator) and thus formed the basis for the code to be drawn up. Among the signatories of the code are the majority of the 97 political parties, including the ruling party "National League for Democracy", and various ethnic parties.

75 years of the United Nations: Switzerland gifts Geneva an artwork by Saype and presents its slogan for Security Council candidacy: ‘A PLUS FOR PEACE’

26.06.2020 — Press release EDA
‘A PLUS FOR PEACE’ is Switzerland’s slogan for its candidacy for a seat on the Security Council in 2023-24. This was announced today by Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis, on the 75th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter. To mark the anniversary, the head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, accompanied by the Director-General of UN Geneva, Tatiana Valovaya, presented a biodegradeable fresco by the artist Saype in the park of the Palais des Nations.

Resumption of mobility and bilateral and cross-border cooperation at heart of Federal Councillor Cassis’ Geneva visit

26.06.2020 — Press release EDA
Today in Geneva, Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis met Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Minister of State, attached to the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs. During this final stage of Mr Cassis' 'border tour', after visits to Ticino and Kreuzlingen, the main talking points were the effectiveness of cross-border cooperation during the coronavirus crisis and the resumption of mobility across the Franco-Swiss border. European policy issues were also discussed.

75 years of the United Nations (fr)

26.06.2020 — EDA
Geneva, 26.06.2020: Address by the Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis on the 75th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter - Check against delivery

Berlin process on Libya: Switzerland to co-chair working group on international humanitarian law and human rights

23.06.2020 — Press release EDA
Switzerland has been given an important role in the search for a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis. Within the framework of the Berlin process, it will co-chair the working group on respect for international humanitarian law and human rights alongside the Netherlands and the United Nations. The Berlin process was launched in January 2020 to achieve a permanent ceasefire in Libya. This new mandate for Switzerland is consistent with its peace policy activities in Libya and furthers the objectives of its Foreign Policy Strategy 2020–23 in regard to peace and security.

Switzerland extends its support to combat COVID-19 in the Middle East

23.06.2020 — Press release EDA
The situation in the Middle East is deteriorating as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic is having a severe impact on the people of the region. In response to the growing needs, Switzerland is providing CHF 2 million in additional funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

More effective support for disabled people in humanitarian emergencies

19.06.2020 — Press release EDA
At its meeting on 19 June 2020, the Federal Council approved Switzerland's endorsement of the Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action. This is in line with Switzerland's humanitarian policy and reaffirms its efforts to facilitate access to relief aid for disabled people and to make provisions for their particular needs.

Switzerland organises relief flight to Venezuela

19.06.2020 — Press release EDA
An aircraft chartered by Switzerland carrying mainly medical supplies has reached Caracas. Nine different partner organisations brought the materials to Switzerland where they were unloaded and transported to Venezuela by the Humanitarian Aid Department of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The aid has been sent in response to Venezuela's humanitarian crisis and to help them combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call for action: Switzerland supports education in emergencies

18.06.2020 — Press release EDA
Over 90 percent of schoolchildren and students have been unable to attend school due to COVID-19. This is a particular problem in developing countries and conflict regions, where schools, in addition to providing education, also offer a safe environment that fosters their physical and mental development. Switzerland is setting an example: Together with partner organizations, it is calling on the international community to strengthen education in emergencies.

Colombia: Swiss hostage is free

18.06.2020 — Press release EDA
A Swiss citizen, who had been in the hands of Colombian hostage-takers for almost three months, has been freed on Thursday 18 June 2020. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) has taken note of this news with relief and thanks the Colombian authorities, in particular the Colombian armed forces, for their support.

Object 217 – 228 of 3011

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