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Call for project proposals for the Polish-Swiss research programme

01.04.2010 — Press release EDA
As part of the enlargement contribution, Switzerland is supporting a research cooperation programme with Poland to the tune of 19 million francs. In the invitation published on 1 April 2010, interested Polish and Swiss research institutions are asked to submit project proposals.

UN reconstruction conference in New York: Switzerland to support Haiti with 90 million Swiss francs

01.04.2010 — Press release EDA
Switzerland will enter into a long-term engagement in Haiti. At the UN Donors' Conference in New York on 31 March 2010, SDC Director-General Martin Dahinden expressed Switzerland's solidarity with the earthquake-ravaged Caribbean country. Until 2012, the Swiss Confederation will contribute a total of CHF 35.9 million to the rebuilding of Haiti, while an additional CHF 55 million will come from donations collected directly by Swiss Solidarity and its partner organisations.

Conference on child begging and trafficking in children

31.03.2010 — Press release EDA
Swiss cities, such as Bern, Zurich, Geneva, and Basel, find themselves confronted with a surge in organised begging in the streets. There are also many children to be found among the groups of beggars originating primarily from Romania. The well-founded suspicion exists that there is a link between the begging scene and trafficking in children. With the objective of developing strategies to solve this problem, FDFA Political Affairs Division IV Human Security, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), and the Coordination Centre against Human Trafficking and Smuggling invited specialists from Switzerland and abroad to a meeting in Bern.

FDFA supports the dissolution of the Global Humanitarian Forum with socially compatible measures

31.03.2010 — Press release EDA
The "Forum Humanitaire mondial – Global Humanitarian Forum" (GHF) in Geneva is over-indebted and is obliged to cease activity. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA is prepared to ensure the payment of salaries and social contributions for GHF staff during the contractual period of notice. In addition, the FDFA will shoulder half of the GHF’s outstanding debts. In an attempt to find a socially acceptable solution, a total amount of CHF 1.75 million, has been planned for this purpose.

Meeting of the Joint Confederation-Canton of Geneva Permanent Group

26.03.2010 — Press release EDA
On 26 March 2010, Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey, head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, met State Councillors Isabel Rochat, Mark Muller and David Hiler, representing the government of the Canton of Geneva, in the framework of the meeting in Geneva of the Joint Confederation-Canton of Geneva Permanent Group to discuss the priorities of International Geneva.

Meeting between Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey and Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative

24.03.2010 — Press release EDA
On Wednesday 24 March 2010, Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey met Catherine Ashton, the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy of the EU and First-Vice-President of the European Commission, in Brussels for talks. The meeting was their first official encounter since Baroness Ashton’s appointment as High Representative. The talks covered bilateral relations, various international issues and the conflict between Switzerland and Libya.

Swiss support for the UN World Food Programme

24.03.2010 — Press release EDA
For the years 2010 and 2011 Switzerland will provide financial support totalling CHF 42 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Today, the Federal Council has decided on this amount which will be covered by the current framework credit for the Swiss Confederation’s Humanitarian Aid.

Switzerland supports the international reconstruction effort in Haiti

24.03.2010 — Press release EDA
The Federal Council has decided to earmark the sum of CHF 36 million until the end of 2012 for the reconstruction effort in Haiti. In particular, Switzerland will be active in repairing and reconditioning basic infrastructure, in rural development and food security. These activities will be financed by framework credits already in place.

Federal Councillor Calmy-Rey meets Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the EU

22.03.2010 — Press release EDA
On 24 March Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey will travel to Brussels for talks with Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission. This will be Mrs Calmy-Rey's first official meeting with Mrs Ashton since the latter took up her post.

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