Escalation of violence between the Gaza Strip and Israel – statement by the FDFA

Press release, 06.05.2019

While welcoming the ceasefire reached by the parties, Switzerland expresses its deep concern at the escalating violence between Israel and the Gaza Strip. It condemns in the strongest terms the hundreds of indiscriminate rocket attacks launched on inhabited areas of Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Switzerland calls for the attacks on civilians to cease and for the utmost restraint in Israel's response. It reminds the parties of their obligation to strictly comply with international law, in particular international humanitarian law.

Switzerland calls for an immediate de-escalation and a return to calm. To this end, it unreservedly supports the ongoing mediation efforts of Egypt and the United Nations.

Switzerland remains convinced that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be resolved by military means. It is committed to a just and lasting peace based on a negotiated two-state solution.

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