The FDFA is deeply concerned about the death sentences pronounced in Bahrain

Bern, Press release, 06.05.2011

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) is deeply concerned about the death sentences pronounced against four men on 28 April in Bahrain. They allegedly took part in anti-government protests.

The FDFA calls on the authorities in Bahrain to commute the death sentences as part of the appeal process. The current legal proceedings took place behind closed doors before a court martial, although the accused are civilians. In recent years, Bahrain has issued and carried out only very few death sentences. The FDFA is thus encouraging the Bahraini authorities to continue observing this de facto moratorium and to abolish the death sentence completely in a next step. Switzerland is categorically opposed to the death sentence and is committed to achieving its worldwide abolition.

Switzerland has already expressed its concern over the tense political situation in Bahrain in a number of bilateral demarches and will continue to call on the Bahraini authorities actively to continue their efforts to engage in a national dialogue.

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