FDFA condemns violence in Libya

Bern, Press release, 21.02.2011

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA condemns the targeted violence used by the Libyan authorities against the demonstrators.

The FDFA is deeply concerned about recent developments in Libya. According to countless reports by eye witnesses and human rights organisations, the Libyan authorities are using extremely harsh and targeted violence against the people that have been participating in the demonstrations and mourning processions over the past few days. There is talk of hundreds of dead and injured people. According to the available information, the hospitals are overflowing and no longer have enough supplies of blood. 

The FDFA most harshly condemns this violence against the demonstrators. According to eyewitness reports, scenes of unacceptable violence are playing in the streets. The FDFA appeals to the Libyan security forces to refrain from using violence against their citizens.  

Based on its own experience with the Libyan regime Switzerland is very aware of the courage displayed by the people who are now demonstrating in the streets to demand their democratic rights.  

The work done to prepare for the international arbitration court which Switzerland had to accept so that the two Swiss hostages could leave Libya has been suspended. 

A total of 46 Swiss citizens are registered with the Swiss embassy in Tripoli, the majority of which are dual citizens. The embassy is maintaining contact with all of them. The security situation in Libya is precarious and the future is uncertain. The FDFA is therefore advising all Swiss citizens currently in Libya to leave the country if possible. The FDFA also advises against travelling to Libya for any reasons.


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