Demolition of the Shepherd’s Hotel in East Jerusalem

Bern, Press release, 10.01.2011

The demolition of the old Shepherd’s Hotel and the project for the construction of a new settlement in East Jerusalem in its stead are in violation of International Law and undermine efforts to resume peace negotiations.

The FDFA strongly condemns the demolition, under the protection of Israeli armed forces, of the Shepherd’s Hotel in East Jerusalem, as well as the announced plan for the construction of a new Israeli settlement in its place. It points out that East Jerusalem is an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territory, and that its annexation by Israel is considered as illegal by the international community.  

The 4th Geneva Convention, whose applicability extends over the entire occupied Palestinian territory, prohibits the Occupying Power from destroying personal or State-owned properties in the occupied territory with the exception of destruction rendered absolutely necessary by military operations, and it forbids the Occupying Power to transfer parts of its own civilian population into an occupied territory. Moreover, the construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory undermines the resumption of negotiations in view of realizing a two-state solution.  

The FDFA appeals to the Israeli authorities to respect International Law and to avoid any actions which might jeopardize the resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The FDFA also strongly condemns the recent acts of violence that have taken place from the Gaza Strip, which left several people wounded. It calls upon the de facto authorities in Gaza to respect International Humanitarian Law and to prevent rockets from being fired from the Gaza Strip. 

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