Switzerland increases aid for Pakistan

Bern, Press release, 13.08.2010

Switzerland has increased its emergency aid contributions for flood victims in Pakistan. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs now reckons with a long-term deployment in Pakistan. Four employees of the Swiss humanitarian aid unit (SHA) will set off for the crisis regions this weekend.

The Humanitarian Aid of the Swiss government has responded to appeals by the UN and by the ICRC: contributions to the UN World Food Programme have been increased by half a million francs to CHF 1 million, while those to the ICRC have risen by  CHF 2 million to CHF 3 million.  

The distribution of material for provisional accommodation and household items to 1,000 families in the Swat Valley and of food and hygiene articles to about 12,000 flood victims to the south of Peshawar is now under way. 

Independently of the emergency aid, financial requirements will increase, because the devastation in the Pakistani flood areas is immense. Arable land has either been washed away or is covered with boulders and infrastructure has been destroyed. Reconstruction and the restoration of fields and of vital plant will be the medium to long term task.    

This weekend four SHA specialists and two delegates of the Swiss Red Cross will fly to Pakistan. The job of the SHA specialists is to prepare the ground for medium-term projects. This will primarily involve assessments in the areas of water supply and accommodation. On top of this, emergency measures will be stepped up. There are already five employees of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) on the ground. They are coordinating immediate emergency aid.  

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