SDC Coordinator’s Workshop in Lugano: development cooperation in time of global change

Bern, Press release, 13.08.2010

Those in charge of Swiss development cooperation at home and abroad are set to meet at the SDC Coordinators’ Workshop, on 15-18 August, 2010, in Lugano. At the top of the agenda is the strategic direction of Swiss development cooperation in a changing global environment. The Swiss foreign minister, Micheline Calmy-Rey, will also take part in discussions.

The biennial SDC Coordinators’ Workshop, which will be held between 15 and 18 August at the Lugano conference centre, brings together the 110 senior staff from SDC headquarters, the heads of all SDC cooperation offices as well as members of Swiss humanitarian aid abroad. This year’s workshop will focus on the strategic direction of Swiss development cooperation. In the future, the SDC Cooperation and Programme Offices will have greater decision-making powers and responsibilities as a result of the decentralisation process.  

Also on the workshop agenda is the thematic and geographical focus of Swiss development cooperation. In other words, what can be done to make aid more effective, and how and where Switzerland should deploy its talents and resources to alleviate poverty, particularly in the fields of water and environmental management, community development (creation of local service-oriented institutions), health, and education and research. 

Micheline Calmy-Rey, the Swiss Minister for Foreign Affairs, will also contribute to these discussions. Civil society representatives and members of the Ticino authorities will also attend the opening reception.

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) chose Lugano as the workshop venue in recognition of the support that the people and authorities of Ticino have shown for international development efforts over the years.

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