Switzerland is helping Russia to fight the fires

Bern, Press release, 10.08.2010

There is no sign of an early end to the fires ravaging Russia. Given the continuing dry weather, a worsening of the situation is likely. Switzerland is supporting Russia in its attempts to combat the fires.

According to the weather forecasts, there is little likelihood of lower temperatures or of rain in the next few days. The wildfires are spreading. In light of this dramatic situation, the Swiss authorities offered Russia support in fighting the fire last week.   

Switzerland has offered several forms of assistance to the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations (EMERCOM). In the first phase, the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit provided about 500,000 CHF for protective firefighting material. The equipment and protective clothing were immediately purchased in Switzerland and dispatched to Russia. 

A four-person assessment and medical team has been working in Moscow since Tuesday morning. It is organising the delivery of the fire-fighting equipment, and together with Russian doctors is looking at ways of caring for burns victims in provincial hospitals. 

The experts are also strengthening Swiss representation in Moscow. At the moment the embassy is carrying out normal operations and does not envisage closing the embassy or evacuating staff from Moscow. The Swiss community and the embassy staff are receiving regular updates about the situation. 

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