Switzerland hands over to Germany documents on GDR assets

Bern, Press release, 15.07.2010

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) yesterday handed to the German Embassy in Bern a series of bank documents that could shed light on the existence of possible misappropriated assets of parties and people’s organisations from former East Germany. The Federal Council made the decision to transfer the documents to Germany at its meeting on 30 June 2010. Germany had previously asked Switzerland for the documents in order to obtain further information about illegal financial movements before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The accounts that were found had been closed several years ago. At the time of closure, they did not hold any assets.

State and party entities of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) used foreign companies for legal business purposes as well as for financing illegal activities. According to German investigations such front companies also existed in Switzerland. The German authorities first sent requests to Switzerland for cooperation in 2003 when it became clear that they were unable to uncover all the financial movements in question. In some cases Switzerland was able to supply the requested information via an international mutual legal assistance procedure. In other cases, however, this channel remained closed because the available evidence was not sufficient to initiate this procedure.     

In October 2007, the Federal Council decided to comply with a request from the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to initiate an inquiry involving several banks. Accordingly it asked 14 banks to research accounts and transactions of individuals who were suspected of committing illegal acts. The Federal Banking Commission (now FINMA) was responsible for implementing the decision.  

The research carried out by the banks was time-consuming because of the long period of time since the accounts were opened and closed, and when the relevant transactions took place. In many cases, the deadline for storing bank documents had already expired. Of the 14 banks asked, eight reported a total of 56 accounts. 

The documents handed over yesterday in Bern may be used as evidence in court if Switzerland gives its approval via an international mutual legal assistance procedure. With the transfer of the documents to Germany, Switzerland has contributed to finding out about the financial aspects of the end phase of the GDR.  

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