Swiss hostage in Chad freed

Bern, Press release, 16.06.2010

The FDFA is relieved to hear about the release of a Swiss member of the British NGO, Oxfam, who was kidnapped on 6 June 2010 in Chad.

On 15 June, the authorities of Eastern Chad secured the release of a Swiss citizen from the hostage-takers. The Swiss national in question, who was working for the British relief organisation Oxfam, was kidnapped on 6 June in the east of the country.  

On 7 June, the FDFA set up an interdepartmental task force, which has been working with great determination to secure the hostage’s freedom. The FDFA was in close contact with the Chadian authorities, Oxfam, and the British authorities for the entire period following the kidnapping. The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated by the authorities in Chad.   

The FDFA thanks the Chadian authorities for their efforts in securing the rapid and safe release of the Oxfam relief worker. 

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