Human trafficking: exchange of experience between experts from Hungary and Switzerland

Bern, Press release, 24.06.2009

Human trafficking does not stop at national borders, which means that international cooperation is essential to efficiently combat and to prevent human trafficking and to protect victims. The FDFA, working in close cooperation with the International Organization for Migration IOM in Berne, holds twice-yearly round tables for foreign experts. These talks enable participants to cultivate contacts, to share experiences and to strengthen cooperation. The three-year series of round tables on human trafficking opened yesterday with talks between Swiss experts and a delegation from Hungary.

Hungary is currently one of the main countries of origin of victims of human trafficking from Central Europe in Switzerland. The Hungarian specialists – representatives from the Office of the National Coordinator against Human Trafficking in the Hungarian Ministry of Justice, the Hungarian national police force and the police and state prosecutor of the City of Budapest and Interpol - yesterday met representatives of the Swiss Federal Police, the Coordination Unit against Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling in fedpol and experts from city and cantonal police forces, cantonal and town migration offices and border police.

The round table discussed how Hungary and Switzerland are affected by human trafficking, what measures each country is taking to combat it, what bodies play the lead role in fighting human trafficking and how their coordination works. The experts also talked about how the victims of human trafficking are identified in Hungary and in Switzerland and what protection and care they are given. The Swiss and Hungarian experts also discussed preventive measures that can be taken to provide better protection for persons in danger.

Today the Hungarian delegation will meet representatives of  cantonal and municipal bodies in Zurich, including those of the Zurich Women's Centre, which looks after victims of human trafficking.

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