Switzerland’s experience in the prevention of natural disasters

Article, 29.05.2013

A delegation of more than 200 people representing 165 countries gathered in Valais on 24 May 2013 to study measures taken in Switzerland to prevent natural disasters. This excursion was held at the end of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk that was held in Geneva. The day was organised by the Canton Valais and by various offices of the Confederation led by the SDC.

Explanations about the potential risks threatening the Grand St-Bernard pass.

Participants received first-hand advice from federal and cantonal experts on the methods used in Switzerland to combat natural hazards. The Canton Valais, with its dams, river valleys and major road networks, provided an excellent overview of the challenges facing risk management.
Reduction of disaster risks is a priority topic in SDC programmes. This visit provided opportunities to demonstrate the methods that the SDC promotes abroad, to underline the importance of global cooperation in this area and the need to take economic, political, social and environmental aspects into account.
The participants, from government ministries, research centres and NGOs, came from many different parts of the world but they are all concerned by the need to reduce the risk of natural disasters.

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