Austria-Switzerland – joint visa for the 2008 European Championship; The host countries inform about the "EURO 2008 visa" and entry procedures

Berne-Wabern, Medienmitteilung, 28.11.2007

A special "EURO 2008 visa" can be applied for for the duration of the 2008 European Championship, which will be valid both for Austria and Switzerland. As of today, the Austrian Foreign and Interior Ministries as well as the Swiss Federal Office for Migration will be providing information on the entry options for the EURO 2008 on their websites as a service for visitors to the European Championship.

The EURO 2008 will take place in Austria and Switzerland from 7 to 29 June 2008. Up to 5 million football fans are expected, who will be following this major event either directly as spectators in football stadiums or on large screens in the fan zones.

The authorities of both countries have taken all the necessary measures to facilitate the entry and stay of guests from around the world through an efficient and service-oriented procedure.

A simplified entry procedure will be provided for the duration of the European Championship. Austrian representations abroad will issue specially labelled „Euro 2008 visas", which, apart from being valid in the Schengen area, will also authorize their holders to enter Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The „Euro 2008 visa"
„Euro 2008 visas" will be granted exclusively by Austrian Embassies and Consulates General. A list of the Austrian representations and information on entry requirements for the "EURO 2008 visa" are available on the Website of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (

In many states in which Austria does not have its own representation, Austria is represented in visa matters by a Schengen Partner State. The embassies of the Partner States, however, can only issue visas for the Schengen area, but not „Euro 2008 visas". In this case, a Swiss visa will be additionally required for entry into Switzerland. Information on visa for Switzerland and on entry requirements is available on the website of the Swiss Federal Office for Migration (

When applications for visa are submitted at a Swiss representation in connection with the EURO 2008 games in Switzerland and Austria, the applicants will be referred to the Austrian authorities.

Due to the expected volume of applications, we recommend that you submit your application in time - that is, not later than 4 weeks before commencing your journey. Please note that the presentation of an admission ticket for a EURO 2008 game does not does not entitle automatically to a visa.

Do you require a visa?
In principle, the visa requirement will be determined by the Schengen provisions.

Holders of residence permits for a Schengen Member State do not require a visa to attend the EURO 2008.

Visitors who wish to attend EURO 2008 events only in Switzerland will only require a Swiss visa.

Holders of a Swiss residence permit will not require a visa when they visit an EC game during their transit through Austria into Switzerland (not longer than 5 days).

However, third-country citizens living in Switzerland - even if they hold a Swiss residence permit - shall require a visa in case they intend to travel into Austria only to attend an EC game and then travel back to Switzerland.

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