Guidelines for homologations in the railway sector

Bern, Medienmitteilung, 10.07.2008

On April 1, 2002, the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) will apply guidelines regarding the homologation of construction elements and safety installations as well as the homologation of rail vehicles. This measure supports the implementation of technical homologations in the railway sector.

Both guidelines supplement the legal bases in this field and comment the homologation
procedure of the Technology Division of the FOT. Basically, they describe the practice in use at present. They also allow to simplify and accelerate the controls which the FOT carries out during the plan approval procedure and/or the operating authorization procedure.

The guidelines are no equivalent to laws or ordinances. They are however more binding than a recommendation. If the applicant observes the guideline, he is sure that the authority will accept his documents as far as methodology is concerned.

Guidelines 1(pdf, 35kb)
Guidelines 2(pdf, 28kb)


Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications