Eritrea Vocational Skills Training

The Humanitarian Aid of SDC has operated a program office in Asmara up to 2006. Due to implementation difficulties, it was decided at that time to close the office. Eritrea came again into the attention of the Swiss Government in relation with the high number of Eritrean asylum seekers. Most of them are young men. Domestic politics called to address this issue and the Federal Council decided to enhance its investment in young Eritreans in order to improve their life perspectives in their home country. Eritrea is a low-income country ranking generally at the bottom end of international development lists, it is ruled by the Peoples’ front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ). The Government slogan of “self-reliance” is linked to the country’s impression of being left alone by the international community (sanction regime in relation to Somalia). Controversial discussions about the Eritrean track record in human rights have influenced the relations between Eritrea and other countries. The main point of concern is the National Service, an institution that manages most of the services provided to the Eritrean population. Its sphere of influence goes beyond the military domain. Eritrea is in a “no war, no peace” situation with the neighboring Ethiopia. Strategic partnerships exist between Eritrea and China (natural resources and infrastructure) and Saudi Arabia (air and war vessel base in Eritrea for the Yemen conflict). Many Eritreans flee the country because they see no real life perspectives. Remittances are extremely important for the survival of the Eritrean population. With its future involvement, SDC aims at making a contribution to improve life perspectives of young Eritreans by training teachers in the field of vocational skills training and by enhancing the access of students to qualified TVET-institutions. The context is quite unique and a step by step approach, starting with a pilot phase of two years is justified.

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01.08.2017 - 31.07.2022
CHF 2'270'000
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