Traverse: Agricultural commodity trade, food prices and regulation – International debate and relevance for Switzerland

lundi, 24.11.2014 – lundi, 24.11.2014

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 The FAO estimates that over the period 2011- 2013 around 842 million people, or one out of eight worldwide, suffered from chronic hunger. Despite overall pro-gress, food security remains a major global challenge and progress is mixed and subject to marked differences across regions.

The abrupt rise and volatility of food prices between 2007 and 2008, and the de-terioration in food security conditions in many parts of the world also demon-strated the vulnerability of the world food system. Moreover, it illustrated that a crosscutting, holistic approach is needed to address multiple challenges across the four dimensions of food security: availability, access, utilisation and stability. This entails coherent action by all actors involved, across a wide range of policies and at different complementary levels of governance, in developing as well as de-veloped countries.

This TRAVERSE debate will address issues from a development policy perspective that are related to agricultural commodity trade, price developments and under-lying drivers, including food price speculation and regulatory issues. It provides a timely opportunity, in light of international and domestic discussions, to identify solutions and share experiences.

The debate’s objective is to inform Switzerland’s development cooperation con-stituency and Swiss politics at large against the backdrop of a number of Popular Initiatives on agricultural policy, including on a Prohibition of Food Speculation, which will be debated and voted on in the next three years.

Among others, the following questions will be addressed by the panel of experts

  1. What is the significance of agricultural commodity trade and price devel-opments to developing countries? What are the economic drivers?
  2. How does the international community address related challenges?
  3. What can Switzerland and Swiss Development Cooperation contribute to sustainable solutions?


The debate will be introduced by Ambassador Manuel Sager, Director-General of the SDC, and moderated by Markus Mugglin, Former Chief Editor Echo der Zeit, Swiss Radio.

We look forward to a lively debate!

Lieu: Sorell Hotel Ador, Laupenstrasse 15, 3001 Bern, Room Gnägi


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Short CVs Panellists
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Strengthening Policy Coherence for Development in Switzerland - The case of Food Security
Study commissoned by SDC

Summary of the discussions (12-01-15)
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