Tools for measuring impact

The word cloud represents the most important terms relating to the SDC’s impact measuring in different sizes.
The word cloud highlights the most important terms relating to the SDC’s impact measuring and makes reference to the current SDC evaluation policy. © SDC/E+C

The SDC measures the impact of its efforts through the continuous monitoring of ongoing projects and through evaluation. These tools allow the SDC to continuously review and improve its programmes and projects, and the implementation of strategies. Results-based management of programmes and projects is a core component of the SDC's organisational culture.

Evaluations can address issues that are not readily apparent in the monitoring of ongoing projects, and enable complex questions to be examined from an external perspective. Evaluations also help to demonstrate in a transparent way the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the SDC's programmes.

2018 Evaluation Policy of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC (PDF, 339.7 kB, English)

The evaluation policy of the SDC is aimed primarily at the staff of SDC, but also serves to inform other federal agencies and partners.


Continuous collection of data on current projects


Systematic analysis of projects, processes and institutional orientation.