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The following videos provide concrete examples of the SDC’s engagement by illustrating its activities in various domains as conducted in different regions of the world.

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Vocational training and youth employment in Albania: SDC Project

The AlbVET project supports efforts by the Albanian government to reform the Albanian vocational education and training system and to make vocational training more responsive to the needs of the labour market. Theoretical understanding is enriched by promoting practice-oriented learning. Among other things, public and private actors are encouraged to offer traineeships and to participate in vocational training projects for young people.

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The SDC and its successes

Accomplishments of Swiss development cooperation (Film on the institution)

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Humanitarian Aid

Brief information on emergency relief during natural disasters and conflicts (Film on the institution)

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Regional Cooperation

Brief information on the bilateral programmes in Asia, Africa, and Latin America (Film on the institution)

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The SDC: A Trailer

The SDC: A Trailer on the Switzerland’s public development agency (Film on the institution)

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India: From water management to climate change

The State of Maharashtra is the second most heavily-populated in India, with 96 million inhabitants, of whom more than half depend upon agriculture to make their living. The greater part of their land depends, for its cultivation, upon the monsoon rains. Unfortunately soil impoverishment as well as a non-sustainable exploitation of water supplies and natural resources has resulted in land degradation. Droughts and famines have forced numerous inhabitants to migrate.Since the beginning of the 2000s, the SDC has been working with a local organization, the Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR). Specialising in the communal management of water supplies, this partner has helped to set up projects in 31 districts. Working with the local populations, the WOTR has enabled some 950 villages to protect themselves from recurring water supply problems.However, since 2000, local climate conditions have altered considerably. The farmers can no longer rely on their ancestral knowledge and are often taken by surprise at the timing and frequency of the rains, which can be torrential just as they can be insufficient.

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Portrait of an SDC employee in Serbia

Portrait of an SDC employee in Belgrade, Serbia: Beatrice Meyer (Film on the institution)

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Cooperation with Eastern Europe

Brief information on the cooperation with formerly communist countries (Film on the institution)

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