ThinkSwiss Summer Schools

In addition to individual research scholarships,, ThinkSwiss also provides financial support to summer programs organized by Swiss institutions. The money is awarded directly to the individual institutions, which are then asked to pass on the travel grants to students enrolled at U.S. and Canadian universities participating in the summer school. This helps the institutions to recruit U.S. and Canadian participants and presents an incentive for those students to spend their summer in Switzerland. 

Summer school participants will benefit from hands-on research and projects, training and exposure to cutting-edge issues, valuable insights into trending topics and an international experience. 

If you are a Swiss university organizing a summer school and would like to apply for the ThinkSwiss Summer School Travel Grants, please read the following document:

ThinkSwiss Summer Schools: Application Requirements and FAQ (PDF, 484.7 kB, English)

If you are a student at a U.S. or Canadian university interested in participating  in one of the ThinkSwiss-supported summer schools, please contact the university and apply for the respective program through them. The selection of all participants is done by each summer school individually. The Swiss summer schools that have been awarded ThinkSwiss travel grants will be announced below.

ThinkSwiss supports the following summer schools in 2018: ThinkSwiss Summer Schools list 2018 (PDF, 289.8 kB)