Real-world data and healthcare fact-finding mission

Article, 05.07.2019

At the end of June the Swiss Business Hub UK & Ireland organised a fact-finding mission bringing Swiss companies working at the interface of advanced analytics of real-world data and life science across to the UK. The mission was designed for companies developing solutions supporting personalised medicine, as well as innovations that could improve the operational efficiency of the NHS.

Event panel

The project is part of a three-year programme developed by the Embassy aimed at exploiting the potential of technology transfer from the Formula One sector into other industries. Advanced analytics for real-time decision making was one of the domains identified as of high potential, with life science being a natural field of application.

Activities of the mission included two high-level panel discussions featuring key stakeholders in the UK healthcare ecosystem in addition to site visits.

Over the course of the two days, Swiss participants were able to carry out benchmarking exercises, discuss business opportunities, and conduct high-level networking, initiated through a carefully planned pitching session followed by a business mixer. Participants not only gained unique knowledge of the UK capability in the Health Data sector, but were also able to discover new contexts for their innovations, assessing opportunities and strategies for their products in the UK market. 

With this mission the Swiss Business Hub UK & Ireland started a conversation between two of the leading life science countries on a topic that requires substantial further exploration. This exchange marks only the beginning of a collaboration between Switzerland and the UK to unveil the full potential of Real-World Data in improving healthcare.