International Coffee Day Reception

Article, 02.10.2019

On 1 October, the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK marked International Coffee Day by hosting a reception to celebrate all things coffee-related and discuss the future of the industry.

Impression from the back of the hall during the panel discussion
The panel: (left to right): Nathalie Manac'h, CEO and Founder, Natcoffee; Steven Macatonia, Founder, Union Coffee; Krisztina Szalai, Sustainable Sourcing Manager, Taylors of Harrogate; Guillaume Chesneau, Business Executive Officer UK, Nespresso; Nicolas A. Tamari, CEO, Sucafina SA; Moderator: Stefanie Küng, Chair of the International Coffee Council 2018/19. © Joana Saramago

The reception was hosted jointly with the International Coffee Organization, who launched their annual Coffee Development Report for 2019 at the event.

The event included a panel discussion with Swiss and British representatives from the coffee industry, who discussed current trends in the sector and the contribution businesses can make in support of a sustainable coffee supply chain.

Coffee plays an important role in Switzerland, with coffee exports being 2.5 times greater than chocolate exports and 3 times greater than cheese exports. The evening was therefore the perfect way to end Switzerland`s year chairing the International Coffee Council, with the event seeing the chairmanship of the organization passing over to Indonesia for the year ahead.