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Article, 10.12.2018

After four weeks of intense co-operation SCOTNIGHT18 has come to a close.

A tanker aircraft refueling a jet in mid-air
The Royal Air Force’s Voyager aircraft refueling a Swiss F/A-18 in mid-air. © VBS

From 12 November to 7 December 2018, 40 Swiss Air Force pilots flew 185 sorties from RAF Lossiemouth throughout the exercise, racking up 230 hours in the air.

Defence Attaché Colonel GS Martin Lerch commented: “This was an extremely successful mission; the Swiss Air Force was able to execute a range of training missions under near-perfect conditions in the North of Scotland. This training is of great importance for our Air Force both in general for the protection of our National Air Space and specifically in regard to the upcoming World Economic Forum".