Public Lecture “The Power of Design Collaboration” by Mr. Aurel Aebi

Friday, 31.03.2017 – Friday, 31.03.2017


Flyer to the Event "The Power of Design Collaboration"

The Swiss object and interior design guru Aurel Aebi works at the studio Atelier Oi, whose extremely versatile experience, without doubt, Ukrainian audience will find it fascinating to learn about. The event will focus on the way the studio builds relationships with its clients. In particular, the following questions will certainly be of interest:

  1. Getting started in business: does it always mean participating in tenders? Do companies directly address the agency with specific requests?
  2. Do brands give the agency creative freedom in carrying out orders?
  3. Is it possible to deviate from the original brief?
  4. Which difficulties does working with well-known companies involve?
  5. How does the agency manage to successfully fulfill the order, demonstrating the style of the brand and its own unique style at the same time?

In addition, Aurel Aebi will share his individual secrets: where the strength of his products lies, how to stay ahead in a world oversaturated with design. Our guest will talk about the essence of collaboration with his two colleagues (who are also his best friends now) and about the importance of such alliances.

Today, in the age of Facebook, YouTube and virtual reality, communication is the ultimate luxury. Only live contact allows one to feel and convey a person’s character in the interior, to express the flair of the country in pieces of decor. That is why our purpose in organizing this event is to invite Ukrainian designers, architects, representatives of companies working in the field and creative people in general to take an active part in the discussion of topical issues. There can be no doubt that truth as well as new creative unions are born in such communication!

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Location: Kyiv, Maket Hub: Mekhanizatorov St., 2-A, off. 151, 17.00h