Photo exhibition “Swiss Landscape” by Swiss artist Martina Bisaz

Friday, 03.03.2017 – Sunday, 05.03.2017


Swiss Landscape by Martina Bisaz
"Swiss Landscape" ©Martina Bisaz

Martina Bisaz was born on May 14 1981 in the beautiful Swiss Alps. She studied scientific illustration at the Zurich University of Arts. After finishing her bachelor, she started working at the archaeology department of Zurich where she worked for 8 years part time as a scientific illustrator. During that time Martina discovered her passion for photography and pursued it as often she could in her free time until last year she decided to become a freelance photographer.

More infromation on Martina Bisaz can be found here


Location: Kyiv, Contemporary Art Center M17, Antonovycha Str., 104