Consulate of Switzerland in Kampala

This representation supports Swiss citizens who find themselves in need because of illness, an accident or theft while travelling. It also informs the responsible Swiss representation.

Please note that because this is an honorary representation without consular authority, it does not issue visas or Swiss passports.

Novel Coronavirus

On 18 March 2020, the Swiss Federal Council decided, that entry at the Schengen external borders is generally prohibited with few exceptions. Switzerland follows the practice of the other Schengen states. Until further notice, Switzerland will also no longer issue Schengen visas. National visas will also only be issued in exceptional cases, for example to family members of Swiss citizens with a right of presence in Switzerland who require a visa and to specialists from the health sector.

For additional information, please consult the webpage of the State Secretariat for Migration SEM on

Message to all Swiss in Uganda

We ask all Swiss, who want to return to Switzerland to organize their travel. Please register on the Travel Admin App. This will  give us a better evaluation of the places where an organized return is necessary. The Embassy communicates regularly via Facebook @SwissEmbassyNairobi and Twitter @SwissAmbKenya. 

Following the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Visa Section of the Embassy of Switzerland in Nairobi will be closed until further notice.

According to the FDFA Travel Advice, COVID19  the Federal Council has been recommending since: 


16 MARCH 2020 - SWISS TRAVELLERS ABROAD should return to their place of residence as long as this is still possible by commercial or personal means.

Otherwise they risk being blocked abroad

As a Swiss citizen, you can return to Switzerland at any time, provided that transport facilities are available. The decision for, against or to interrupt a journey is at your own discretion and your personal responsibility. 

  • For information related to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) we invite you to consult the information and directives of the local authorities (Hotlines. +256 800 203 033 / +256 800 100 066 / +256 782 909 153 / +256 772 460 297) and the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO.
  • At Swiss national level, the Federal Office of Public Health informs in regards to the Novel Coronavirus and accordingly publishes travel advice.
  • The Travel Advice FDFA (in German, French and Italian) offers travelers basic information for travel preparation by informing on possible risks and certain precautions. They are to be considered as a complementary source of information.
  • Further information can also be found on the Coronavirus Focus of the FDFA.
  • Please follow also the instructions and schedules of the airline companies as they can quickly change.
  • For any general and non-medically related question you may contact the Embassy of Switzerland in Nairobi or the FDFA Helpline (Tel. +41 800 24-7-365/ +41 58 465 33 33) 

An additional remark: the contracts with the travel agencies and the travel insurance companies are contracts under private law. The tour operators and insurance companies decide independently and at their own discretion if they offer free rebooking or whether they cover cancellation costs. The FDFA has no authority to issue instructions to these bodies. You should therefore clarify any questions regarding rebooking / cancellation directly with the travel agency and insurance company.

It is recommended that you download the Travel Admin ITINERIS  App (DE / FR / IT / EN) and register your travel information online. 

Yours sincerely 

The Embassy of Switzerland in Kenya 


You can find the responsible Swiss representation on the right of this page under “Consular district”.