Novel Coronavirus

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the public can no longer access the counters of the Chancellery of the Swiss Embassy. For all consular matters, the Embassy can still be reached preferably by e-mail or by telephone from Monday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm, Friday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm.

Please note that :


Tunisia has closed its airspace to commercial flights until further notice.


Until further notice, the Embassy is no longer able to receive and process visa applications for Switzerland and Slovakia.

In the case of visa applications which cannot be processed due to the decision of the Swiss authorities to stop the visa procedure, the submitted documents will be returned to the applicant and the visa fee will be refunded shortly.

Persons who already have a visa issued by Switzerland, but who cannot use it due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, may be issued a replacement or follow-up visa free of charge, under certain conditions, in due course. Please consult our website regularly.

Marital status:

It is currently not possible to submit civil status documents to the Embassy. However, you can still send us your civil status changes by post: Embassy of Switzerland, P.O. Box 73, 2015 Le Kram-Tunis, Tunisia

Identity documents:

Urgent requests for identity documents will be processed, but only by appointment.

Despite the circumstances, please be assured that we strive to continue to provide you with prompt and quality service and support. However, we hope we can count on your understanding, given the particular situation we are facing.

For information related to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Tunisia, kindly consult the information and directives of the Tunisian authorities on the page of the National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases or on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health and the recommendations of the World Health Organisation WHO

On state level, the Federal Office of Public Health of Switzerland FHPO informs in regards to the Novel Coronavirus and publishes travel advice accordingly.

The Travel Advice FDFA (in German, French and Italian) offers travelers basic information for travel preparation by informing on possible risks and certain precautions. They are to be considered as a complementary source of information.

Travel Advice for Tunisia (in German, French and Italian)

Travel Advice FDFA, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (in German, French and Italian)

For urgent requests, kindly contact the FDFA Helpline (Tel. +41 800 24-7-365 / +41 58 465 33 33) or contact the Swiss Representation in Tunisia - Tel +216 71 191 997 -

For further information on the measures taken by Tunisia, a hotline has been opened by the Tunisian authorities: 80 10 19 19 19. In the event of symptoms, call the SAMU (emergency services) on 190.

Visa & entry to Switzerland

The responsible Swiss representation provides information on visa requirements and how to submit a visa application. You will also be given more details about travelling to and staying in Switzerland.

Visa & entry to Switzerland

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From issuing passports to matters concerning civil status, all FDFA external representations offer a variety of services to Swiss citizens living abroad.


Online desk FDFA

Online desk FDFA

Using the FDFA’s online consular services while abroad.

Online desk FDFA

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Living in Tunisia

You will receive information on emigration, staying in the country, and everything you need to know about returning to Switzerland.

Living in Tunisia

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The responsible representations implement the strategic goals of Switzerland's international cooperation and carry out related projects.

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