The Mapanya Band of Zanzibar excels in Switzerland

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Article, 16.05.2018

From 6 - 20 April 2018, the Mapanya Band from DCMA in Zanzibar travelled throughout Switzerland during a music and cultural exchange program.

Mapanya Band and Sarah Hausheer
Mapanya Band and Sarah Hausheer in Ibergeregg, Switzerland. ©Hausheer, S

The events included workshops with primary school children in Hünenberg (Canton Zug) and Eich (Canton Luzern), concerts in Sursee, Fribourg, Bern and Biel, a cultural exchange with students of the Educational College of Zug as well as workshops open to the public and a church service in Sempach (Canton Luzern). Spontaneous invitations to House Concerts and Jam Sessions were extended again and again. In addition, after a successful concert in Sursee, the band was invited at short notice to perform the following evening at ‘Bestival 2018’ in the Gaskessel, Bern. In the variety of their repertoire, the seven young musicians were able to prove their competence and flexibility. The joy they radiated while performing inspired and touched the hearts of people of all ages. For both, band and public, there were many unforgettable moments. 

The idea for this project was conceived when Sarah Hausheer,  Swiss music teacher and pianist, volunteered at DCMA in July and August 2017. During her stay, she became aware of the potential of the Mapanya band. This Swiss tour, which primarily widened the experience of the band, should provide an opportunity to create such music and cultural exchanges between Switzerland and Tanzania. Simultaneously, promotion of such a project also supports the Music Academy in Zanzibar. 

The project was financed by the band’s fees and honorarium, as well as private gifts collected and a benefit concert hosted by Ms. Hausheer in November 2017. The interest, goodwill and generous support in Switzerland, also before the tour, was overwhelming. Many, many thanks! 

Sarah Hausheer, May 2018