Virtual Festival The Roof of the World

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Local news, 09.08.2021

As every year, the Government of Switzerland, through its Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan supports the renowned “Roof of the World” festival. This event is popular for being one of the most beautiful cultural festivals in Tajikistan. “Amesha Spenta” a Non-Governmental Organization, in partnership with the local Government of Gorno-Badakhshan is the implementing partner of this event. 

Men in traditional dress dancing: ©Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan

“The Roof of the World” Festival is one of Tajikistan’s most popular and festive events. Previously it was held in the mountainous area of Tajikistan, in Khorog. As per last year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the “Roof of the World” festival will be held online between the 9th to 29th of August 2021. It is a unique festival, which kept its sense of culture and tradition. This festival celebrates the diversity of cultures by creating a platform for regional and international artistic exchanges. The festival's fans often refer to it as the most beautiful festival in Central Asia as it fosters a sense of unity and gives a space for creativity.

Last year, our online festival has helped us to develop and experience new features, tools, and media technologies on making this cultural event more remarkable. Even though it was our first virtual experience, still it has heated the audience four times with more than 40,000 viewers by connecting artists and people from all remote areas with the rest of the art world. Mainly, this event has boosted " tourist attractions, mutual respect, diversity, pluralism, and peace among Central Asian regions and its habitants" added Samandar Pulodov, the director of "Amesha Spenta" organizer of “Roof of the World”. 

For more than fifteen years, the Government of Switzerland has been working with Tajikistan in developing the art and culture scene. The Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan is the main donor of the project alongside the local Government of Gorno-Badakhshan, the US Embassy in Tajikistan, the Aga-Khan Music Initiative, Austrian Embassy (Nur-Sultan), France Embassy, and Bactria.

This year’s next edition of the Festival “ROOF OF THE WORLD” 2021 will be held between 9 and 29 August 2021.

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