Dear citizens of Tajikistan!

The Embassy of Switzerland in Astana is territorially competent for the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Tajikistan. It covers all consular matters for Swiss citizens and issues Schengen visa to residents of both countries for Switzerland and The Principality of Liechtenstein.  For national long-stay visas, the Embassy will send applications for examination to the cantonal authority for migration in Switzerland and issue the visa when once authorized by the cantonal authority.

The Swiss Consular Agency in Dushanbe is an outpost of the Embassy of Switzerland in Astana, Kazakhstan. Applicant living in Tajikistan who intend to travel to Switzerland can present his/her visa application to the Swiss Consular Agency at Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The Swiss Consular Agency has only a supporting function and has no right to decide about issuing of a visa. The Embassy of Switzerland in Astana reserves the right to ask an applicant to come personally to Astana if necessary. The applicant is responsible to start the procedure early enough. It’s recommended to count 2-3 weeks for the whole procedure in relation to an application for short-stay visa and 10-12 weeks for a national long-stay visa.

In Astana, the Consular Section at the Embassy of Switzerland offers services to Swiss citizens such as registration, Swiss passports and ID-cards, naturalization, civil matters (registration of birth, marriage, death, adoption and divorce), consular protection, legalizations, etc.

In Dushanbe, the Swiss Consular Agency offers services to Swiss citizens such as receiving and/or handing over official documents (registration form, voting form, Swiss identity documents, civil status papers, documents concerning AHV), issuing legalization with regard to Federal or Cantonal official stamps and/or signatures of Federal or Cantonal Officials (however, no legalization is carried out for signatures of individuals). Only the Head (and Deputy) of the Swiss Consular Agency has the power to exercise consular affairs. During his/her absence, a person can either contact the Embassy of Switzerland in Astana (; or await the return of the Head (Deputy) of the Swiss Consular Agency.