Beat Baumann Solo Exhibition

Saturday, 30.01.2021 – Friday, 12.03.2021


Beat Baumann Solo Exhibition
Beat Baumann Solo Exhibition © Beat Baumann

Beat Baumann, a self-taught Swiss artist, is presenting his newest exhibition “I am Beat Baumann” at Chens Arts Gallery from 30th January to 12th March 2021. 

Until he became a full time artist, Baumann had a multitude of different jobs, ranging from ski mechanic to director for the semiconductor industry. This subjected him to various international influences that inspired his colorful art. His greatest fascination has been the Chinese culture. Even though he came to Taiwan because of work, Baumann immediately fell in love with the country's cultural landscape. Taiwan's vibrant and diverse environment opened up an array of new creative perspectives for the artist.

Beat Baumann‘s works of art reflect the manifold and pulsating life on the streets of Asia. Places where hectic, stressful and fast decisions are the norm, together with lots of surprises and fickleness; paintings with big cities and their skyscrapers. The artist’s strong and intense color combinations, his loose and spontaneous mastery of the drawn lines, as well as his creative and imaginative disorder, are dramatized by the action in his paintings and are at the same time the unmistakable characteristics of his creations.

Don’t miss out on this lively exposition, which is currently taking place at Chens Art Gallery.

Apart from the exhibition, Baumann continues to paint in his Studio in Kaohsiung.

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