Swiss artist Uriel Orlow’s installation “Learning from Artemisia” at the 2020 Taipei Biennial

Saturday, 21.11.2020 – Sunday, 14.03.2021


2020 Taipei Biennial
2020 Taipei Biennial © Taipei Fine Arts Museum (由臺北市立美術館提供)

Presented by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the 12th edition of Taipei Biennial is taking place from 21st November 2020 until 14th March 2021. This year’s biennial is showcasing a line-up of works by 58 participants/groups from 25 countries and territories worldwide.

Entitled "You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet", the 2020 Taipei Biennial is a call for ideas on how to view and respond to the current environment we are living in. With knowledge across a field of studies encompassing humanities, history, geology, marine science, sociology and political science at the core of the exhibition’s framework, accompanied by dynamic public programs to stimulate thoughts and spark discussions, the biennial aims to question our current ongoing geopolitical tensions and worsening ecological crisis by examining our differences and influences on a planetary perspective.

Swiss artist Uriel Orlow’s video installation “Learning from Artemisia” has been selected by the Museum and is showcasing during the exhibition. His installation is about "Artemisia afra", an indigenous medicinal plant that effectively treats and prevents malaria and can be taken as an infusion.

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Uriel Orlow - Learning from Artemisia

2020 Taipei Biennial