A month under the motto of Francophonie

Sunday, 03.03.2019 – Saturday, 30.03.2019

Mois de la Francophonie à Taiwan
Mois de la Francophonie à Taiwan © FDFA

The "Semaine de la Francophonie" becomes the "Mois de la Francophonie". During the month of March, numerous cultural activities focusing on literature, music, art and other topics from the Francophone world will take place in Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung. As in previous years, the events will be organized by l’Alliance Française de Taiwan with the Trade Office of Swiss Industries as one of the co-partners and financial supporters. An overview of the programme can be found on the link below.

Especially we would like to draw your attention to the Swiss film contribution to the French-speaking film festival: the one-hour documentary "Toujours Aventurier", which is a film portrait of the Swiss mountaineer Jean Troillet, will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 12 at 8 pm at VIA Hôtel (Zhongxiao). For more information about the film, please visit the homepage of the producer.

Mois de la Francophonie: programme overview
VIA Hôtel (Zhongxiao)
Vertiges Prod: Jean Troillet - Toujours Aventurier