“Sumadijski ducan” in the centre of Belgrade

Press release, 15.05.2018

Sumadija is known for brandy and wine. Starting from May 17th 2018, Sumadija brandy and wine will be available in its own shop in Belgrade.

Serbian wine
Serbian wine © SCO Serbia

“Sumadijski ducan” will be opened in the Njegoseva street and will serve as a joint selling point for Sumadija’s producers of brandy and wine. “Sumadijski ducan” will offer products from ten distilleries and sixteen wineries from the Sumadija region in Serbia.

The project "Sumadija Plum" is supported funded by Switzerland within the program Support to Rural and Regional Development in the Republic of Serbia. The project involves creation and development of technical, technological and human capacities for the process of making common labels, recipes and protection of the geographical origin of plum brandy. It also foresees individual technical support for distilleries, support to the members of the association "Sumadija plum", development of recipes for branding the common product, as well as training for individual producers of brandy that are working closely with the distilleries that are members of the Association.

The winemakers in Sumadija have already passed through this process. They managed to make Sumadija a significant destination on the wine map of Europe. As a result of their joint cooperation, the "Sumadijska ruzica" wine was created. "Sumadijska ruzica" is the autonomous wine of the Association of winemakers of Sumadija based on the branding of geographical origin.

“Sumadijski ducan” is just a beginning of "a very nice friendship" between brandy and wine producers in Serbia. The Belgrade shop will continue its work even after the project is finished.