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“Balcanica Superior” – Regional brand of Eastern Serbia

05.12.2018 — Local news Serbia
“Balcanica Superior” is a certification trademark which guarantees that branded product or service is of a certain degree of quality and that it originates from Eastern Serbia and improves reputation, visibility and credibility on the market. The brand name, supported by the Government of Switzerland, can be used by companies that provide accommodation and food preparation services or have products of a clear regional character and which fulfil the defined set of criteria. So far, Balcanica Superior certificates were awarded to ten local companies which can present themselves under that name.

Toward better transparency of local finances

04.12.2018 — Local news Serbia
The campaign “Let’s get TO KNOW each other” will promote good practices of transparent public finance management from Krusevac, Leskovac, Loznica, Ruma and Uzice. The aim of this promotional campaign is to inspire municipalities and cities from all over Serbia to follow the example of the above-mentioned local self-governments, and to encourage citizens to become more involved in the planning and allocation of local budgets.

Dual education – investment, not an expense

18.10.2018 — Local news Serbia
Dr. Ursula Renold, professor at the ETH University in Zurich and head of the research department for dual education, took part at the conference on dual education organized by the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade. In the same week, Dr. Renold took part in the work of the Serbian Government Commission for dual education, as the only external honorary member. Dr. Renold and her team from the KOF Institute are providing expert advice to the Serbian Ministry of Education and the Commission on the future governance of the new law on dual education. This is part of the Swiss support project “Policy advice for efficient VET reform in Serbia” implemented by the Center for Education Policy from Belgrade in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Swiss KOF.

Career corner rewarded at the national competition

16.10.2018 — Local news Serbia
Workshop “Career corner”, implemented by the Youth Council from Krusevac through the Swiss supported project From Education to Employment E2E, ranked third place at the Third national competition of good practices in career guidance and counselling. The competition was organized by the Euroguidance foundation through Tempus and Erasmus programs of the European Union.

“Ekoloski cas”: About Swiss support to energy efficiency in Paracin

12.09.2018 — Local news Serbia
Zoran Kapor, representative of the Municipal Energy Efficiency and Management project participated in TV show “Ekoloski cas” where he presented the project supported by Switzerland. It will be implemented in four Serbian municipalities, among which is the town of Paracin, to introduce the new energy management approach and improve energy efficiency.

The future of villages lies in their cooperation

01.08.2018 — Local news Serbia
The latest issue of the magazine Business and Finances writes about Swiss support to rural and regional development in Serbia. The article describes the way rural stakeholders cooperate and introduce innovative approaches using the concrete example of the reconstruction of the Royal Winery in Oplenac.

More accessible jobs for youth in Novi Pazar

30.07.2018 — Local news Serbia
Dzemaludin Paucinac, Director of the Youth office in Novi Pazar, was a guest in "Zikina sarenica", the national morning show with 2 million viewers, where he spoke about the program From Education to Employment and how it contributes to rise of youth employability in Novi Pazar.

EU and Switzerland: Joint support to migration challenges in Serbia

27.07.2018 — Local news Serbia
Out of 3’500 migrants who are present in the country today, only 53 are accommodated in the two reception centers in Subotica and Kelebija. Their common aim is to reach Germany, but also Switzerland. Hungarian authorities have decreased the number of people allowed to enter the country to only one person a day. Both EU and Switzerland support the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration to adequately respond to changing migration context. Serbian media visited the two centers together with projects' representatives.

Science technology park Belgrade development path

26.07.2018 — Local news Serbia
Radio Television Serbia published a story about Science technology park Belgrade, supported by the Swiss Government. Acting Director Gordana Danilović Grković on this occasion presented the development path and results of the Science technology park Belgrade, while young start-up companies B2Bee and UrbiGo talked about their innovations and the support they received in the park.

Better Serbia for al of its ctizens

15.07.2018 — Article Serbia
Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Serbia, Ursula Läubli, speaks for Diplomacy and Commerce about how will Swiss cooperation during the next four years contribute to better Serbia for all of its citizens.   

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