Sustainable Energy and Resilient Cities

Energy efficiency measures in Padinska Skela
Energy efficiency measures in Padinska Skela ©SDC

What is the goal? Increased energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources, improved management and planning capacities of cities.

With whom do we cooperate? Line ministries, Public Investment Management Office, City of Belgrade, local self-governments, civil society organizations and international organizations

What will be achieved?  Energy efficiency measures implemented in public infrastructure, increased use of renewable energy sources, innovative technologies for district heating systems, improved planning and management capacities in local self-governments and established procedures that enable local self-governments to face various situations

Resources: EUR 14 million

SDC/Toni Linder

The impact of climate change has no geographical boundaries. It affects everyone, all over the world, and is particularly hard on those who derive their means of subsistence directly from nature. Climate protection and the management of climate change are a growing preoccupation in the context of development cooperation.

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