Professor Josef Zweimüller at the International Conference “Industrial Organization and Spatial Economics”

Local news, 13.06.2019

The 8th International Conference “Industrial Organization and Spatial Economics” was held on the 13th and 14th June 2019 at the Saint Petersburg Higher School of Economics (Высшая школа экономики). Among the guest lecturers who took part in this event was Prof. Josef Zweimüller from the University of Zurich, who gave a lecture on the topic “Parallel Trade, Price Setting and the Patterns of International Trade”.

Prof. Josef Zweimüller
Prof. Josef Zweimüller © University of Zurich

Prof. Zweimüller’s lecture lasted one hour, during which he exposed the effects of parallel trade on market mechanisms and revenue equality in the context of international trade. Both during and after the conference, he answered the questions from the audience, which was composed of approximately 30 students.

Given the complexity of the discussed matter, the lecture was not suited for the general public, but only for people with a solid knowledge of economic theory.