Bilateral relations Switzerland–Qatar

Diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Qatar, which are excellent, were first established in 1973.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Relations between Switzerland and the Emirate of Qatar continued to improve over the years, be it at the level of trade, or the supply of Swiss services and hi-tech know-how, research and education. Ties have been established between the Qatar Foundation and various Swiss institutions.

The Emirate of Qatar is of interest to Switzerland in terms of its diplomatic and in particular peacebuilding activities around the world as well as for hosting many international conferences and summits.
In 1995 Switzerland concluded a bilateral agreement on air transport with the Emirate of Qatar.

Furthermore an agreement on the protection of investments came into force in 2004, which was also the year in which a Memorandum of Understanding was signed for cooperation in science and education.

Bilateral treaties

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Swiss nationals in Qatar

The Swiss colony in Qatar numbers 124 persons.