Settimana italiana

Tuesday, 29.10.2019 – Tuesday, 29.10.2019

During this year’s Settimana della Lingua Italiana, the Embassy of Switzerland shows the film Cronofobia (2018) in collaboration with the Italian Cultural institute on October 29th. The film, a production by Imagofilm in Lugano, tells the story two people that could not be more different and is announced as follows by the filmmaker:

Suter is a solitary man, constantly in motion, escaping his true self. During the day, he travels through Switzerland in an anonymous white van while at night, he secretly observes the life of another lonely person: Anna, a young woman struggling with a complicated form of grief. After she discovers his obsession with her, a strange relationship arises between the two. But this fragile balance is soon destroyed, when Anna finds out about Suter’s dark secret. Cronofobia is the chronicle of an impossible love story.

After the film, which starts at 18.30, a small reception will be offered.

Location: Italian Institute for Culture Oslo