Joshua Monten, «Little Joy», «Romeo, Romeo, Romeo», «Kill Your Darlings»

Thursday, 25.04.2019 – Thursday, 27.06.2019

The dance productions "Little Joy", "Romeo, Romeo, Romeo" and "Kill Your Darlings" go on Tour to Norway (Sandefjord and Harstad), Northern Germany, Croatia and Australia. Altogether about 25 Performances and 9 dance workshops are planned.

Dance is a mating ritual. Even today in the age of Tinder, Grindr and online dating, dance continues to play a central role in how many of us find a mate. This dance production for four Romeos (one of whom is performed by a woman) explores the idea of dance as a thrillingly up close and personal form of courtship. Each spectator can slip into the role of Juliet and witness the dancers’ struggles to impress — with their artistry, charm, athleticism, funky grooves and at times nothing more than naked desperation.

The audience sits on seating areas distributed throughout the performance space. Their reactions and interactions are visible to all, thus the audience becomes characters in the very performance they are witnessing.  

25th of April 2019 in Hjertnes Culturehouse in Sandefjord

23rd until 27th of June 2019 in NN in Harstad

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