Kosovo: Corporate Development Support for Wastewater Sector

On its path to achieving EU candidate status, Kosovo aims to comply with EU standards. Only 2% of its wastewater is currently treated, which results in contaminated rivers and groundwater. SECO can capitalize on previous Swiss achievements for supporting the capacity and corporate development in Kosovo?s wastewater sector.

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Infrastructures et approvisionnement urbains
01.08.2019 - 31.12.2022
CHF 950'000

The Government of Kosovo gives priority to the development of the wastewater sector in order to protect ground and surface water resources and eventually meet the EU legal framework. For the cities of Gjilan and Mitrovica, the Government requested co-financing from the EBRD and EIB. Switzerland as the lead donor is well positioned to continue addressing the main sector challenges, particularly in the corporate development domain. SECO will assist two water utilities in improving their operational and financial performance, but also support systemic improvement of the wastewater sector by strengthening the Water Association of Kosovo.


The overall goal of the SECO intervention is to improve the capacity and corporate development in Kosovo?s water and wastewater sector. This goal will be reached through the implementation of two strongly interlinked components. In component 1, the Swiss Water Association VSA assists its Kosovar counterpart SHUKOS in becoming the main driver for systemic sector improvements. In component 2, SECO finances the Corporate Development consultancy for the two water utilities in Gjilan and Mitrovica where wastewater systems will be constructed by EBRD/EIB. SECO will pilot a new and innovative approach of combining targeted advisory services with capacity building programs facilitated by SHUKOS.

Expected benefits of the project are that the population of Kosovo benefits from an adequately and equitably managed wastewater system, contributing also to preserved water-related ecosystems.

Effets à moyen terme

improved operational efficiency and financial management of the water utilities

improved quality of SHUKOS services to water utilities, leading to sustainably managed wastewater operations

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  • Banque européenne de reconstruction et de développement

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