Defence Attaché

In 2009, the Defence Attaché Office (DAO) was established in the building of the Swiss Embassy in Amman, Jordan. 


Defence Attaché:

Lieutenant Colonel Nicolas Winteregg

Accredited to Jordan, Lebanon, and Cyprus.


Lina Tu'aimeh / Media Analyst and Translator

Nadine Suleiman / Administrative Assistant to the DA and Translator

Tasks and objectives

The Office of the Defence, Military, Air and Naval Attaché handles defence, security and military relations. It represents the Swiss Armed Forces at the governments and armed forces of its accredited countries. The Defence, Military, Air and Naval Attaché is accredited in Jordan & Lebanon.

Switzerland maintains 18 Defence Attaché Offices all over the world:

Abu Dhabi, Amman, Ankara, Beijing, Belgrad, Berlin, Cairo, Islamabad, London, Madrid, Moscow, New Delhi, Paris, Rom, Stockholm, Cyprus, Vienna and Washington.


  • Inform the interested authorities in the accredited countries on issues relating to Swiss security policy and its armed forces
  • Cooperation between the Swiss Armed Forces and the armed forces of the accredited countries
  • Representation of the Swiss military and security policy interests in the host states
  • Observation of security policy and military developments in dialogue with the countries of accreditation
  • Advisor of the head of mission in security policy and military issues